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Lagu InterNet - 204,481 Lagu Terbaru

Lagu Tren Mingguan

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself

OpenLagu Justin Bieber

Rizky Febian - Kesempurnaan Cinta

OpenLagu Rizky Febian

Justin Bieber - Sorry

OpenLagu Justin Bieber

Adele - Hello

OpenLagu Adele

Geisha - Sementara Sendiri (OST. Single)

OpenLagu Geisha

Charlie Puth - One Call Away

OpenLagu Charlie Puth

R City - Locked Away feat. Adam Levine

OpenLagu R City

Dawin - Dessert

OpenLagu Dawin

Isyana Sarasvati - Kau Adalah feat. Rayi Putra

OpenLagu Isyana Sarasvati

Meghan Trainor - Like I'm Gonna Lose You feat. John Legend

OpenLagu Meghan Trainor

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

OpenLagu Justin Bieber

DJ Snake - Middle feat. Bipolar Sunshine

OpenLagu DJ Snake

Sam Smith - Writing's on the Wall

OpenLagu Sam Smith

Ed Sheeran - Photograph

OpenLagu Ed Sheeran

Shawn Mendes - Stitches

OpenLagu Shawn Mendes

The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face

OpenLagu The Weeknd

One Direction - Perfect

OpenLagu One Direction

Raisa - Percayalah feat. Afgan

OpenLagu Raisa

Jessie J - Flashlight (From Pitch Perfect 2)

OpenLagu Jessie J

Meghan Trainor - Better When I'm Dancing

OpenLagu Meghan Trainor

Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself

OpenLagu Selena Gomez

Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime

OpenLagu Coldplay

Calvin Harris - How Deep Is Your Love feat. Disciples

OpenLagu Calvin Harris

The Chainsmokers - Roses feat. ROZES

OpenLagu The Chainsmokers

Fifth Harmony - Worth It feat. Kid Ink

OpenLagu Fifth Harmony

Lagu Indonesia Terbaru [12/05/2021]

Chelsea Olivia - Troy

OpenLagu Chelsea Olivia

Jawbreaker - Ashtray Monument

OpenLagu Jawbreaker

Glenn Fredly - Pada Satu Cinta

OpenLagu Glenn Fredly

Engelbert Humperdinck - When There's No You

OpenLagu Engelbert Humperdinck

Gigi - Kurindukan

OpenLagu Gigi

Inkubus Sukkubus - Devils

OpenLagu Inkubus Sukkubus

Sheila On 7 - Sang Pemenang

OpenLagu Sheila On 7

The Eden Project - Death Of A Dream

OpenLagu The Eden Project

Sarah Brightman - Once In A Lifetime (1996 Remix)

OpenLagu Sarah Brightman

Campfire Girls - Broken Tooth

OpenLagu Campfire Girls

Death Cab For Cutie - Talking Bird

OpenLagu Death Cab For Cutie

Therapy - Body Bag Girl

OpenLagu Therapy

After Forever - Intrinsic

OpenLagu After Forever

Darin Bobby - The Other Half Of Me

OpenLagu Darin Bobby

Collective Soul - Why Part 2

OpenLagu Collective Soul

Master P - Bloody Murder

OpenLagu Master P

Foo Fighters - Petrol Cb

OpenLagu Foo Fighters

Chris Brown - I'm So Raw

OpenLagu Chris Brown

Squint - Random Caring

OpenLagu Squint

Kid Rock - With A One Two

OpenLagu Kid Rock

Looking Glass - Brandy (Your A Fine Girl)

OpenLagu Looking Glass

Serge Gainsbourg - Tatoué Jérémie

OpenLagu Serge Gainsbourg

Lulu Santos - Janela Indiscreta

OpenLagu Lulu Santos

Ben Harper - How Many Miles Must We March

OpenLagu Ben Harper

Simply Red - She'll Have To Go

OpenLagu Simply Red

The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister

OpenLagu The Cult

Cat Stevens - Matthew & Son

OpenLagu Cat Stevens

Marshanda - Sembunyi

OpenLagu Marshanda

Otis Redding - Down In The Valley

OpenLagu Otis Redding

TOS - Cintailah Yang Memiliki

OpenLagu TOS

NOFX - San Francisco Fat

OpenLagu NOFX

48May - Passing By

OpenLagu 48May

The Flying Burrito Brothers - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (or Else You Gotta St

OpenLagu The Flying Burrito Brothers

Pig - Sick City (live)

OpenLagu Pig

Dave Navarro - Not For Nothing

OpenLagu Dave Navarro

Neil Young - Welfare Mothers

OpenLagu Neil Young

Wilson Phillips - Daniel

OpenLagu Wilson Phillips

Run D.M.C. - Party Time

OpenLagu Run D.M.C.

Voivod - Warriors Of Ice

OpenLagu Voivod

Andre Hazes - Een beetje verliefd

OpenLagu Andre Hazes

David Gray - Made Up My Mind

OpenLagu David Gray

Sarah Brightman - A Question Of Honour

OpenLagu Sarah Brightman

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

OpenLagu Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Rudimental - Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre

OpenLagu Rudimental

Urban Dance Squad - Totalled

OpenLagu Urban Dance Squad

S.P.O.C.K - E-lectric

OpenLagu S.P.O.C.K

Sparklehorse - Little Fat Baby

OpenLagu Sparklehorse

Nightrage - The Tremor

OpenLagu Nightrage

UB40 - Desert Sand

OpenLagu UB40

Erasure - Love To Hate You

OpenLagu Erasure

Moneen - A Realization Of How It's Always Been

OpenLagu Moneen

54-40 - Couldn't Be Sorry

OpenLagu 54-40

Van Morrison - Snow In San Anselmo

OpenLagu Van Morrison

Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside...

OpenLagu Orphaned Land

Eric Burdon And The Animals - Sky Pilot

OpenLagu Eric Burdon And The Animals

Marnie Stern - Absorb Those Numbers

OpenLagu Marnie Stern

Cadenza - Bila Kau Ingat Aku

OpenLagu Cadenza

Suede - Have You Ever Been This Low?

OpenLagu Suede

David Bowie - Blackstar

OpenLagu David Bowie

Christina Aguilera - Unless It's With You

OpenLagu Christina Aguilera

Camp Lo - Sparkle (Mr. Midnight Mix)

OpenLagu Camp Lo

Farah - Tangisan Dalam Kerinduan

OpenLagu Farah

Minor Threat - Small Man, Big Mouth

OpenLagu Minor Threat

Rich Boy - What It Do (Feat. Cutty)

OpenLagu Rich Boy

Lana Del Rey - Terjemah High By The Beach

OpenLagu Lana Del Rey

Cathedral - Dragon Ryder 13

OpenLagu Cathedral

Book Of Love - White Lies

OpenLagu Book Of Love

Whitney Houston - Lover For Life

OpenLagu Whitney Houston

Frank Zappa - Goblin Girl

OpenLagu Frank Zappa

Mariah Carey - Bad Boy Mix

OpenLagu Mariah Carey

Big Daddy Kane - Dj's Get No Credit

OpenLagu Big Daddy Kane

Snow Patrol - When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

OpenLagu Snow Patrol

Britney Spears - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

OpenLagu Britney Spears

A Canorous Quintet - The Void

OpenLagu A Canorous Quintet

Eve 6 - There's A Face

OpenLagu Eve 6

The Flaming Lips - When You Smile

OpenLagu The Flaming Lips

Diana Krall - Hit That Jive Jack

OpenLagu Diana Krall

10cc - Get It While You Can

OpenLagu 10cc

Iwan Fals - Dan Orde Paling Baru

OpenLagu Iwan Fals

Twenty One Pilots - The Run And Go

OpenLagu Twenty One Pilots

Sherrie Austin - In Our Own Sweet Time

OpenLagu Sherrie Austin

Fase - Tania

OpenLagu Fase

Elvis Presley - Jesus Knows What I Need

OpenLagu Elvis Presley

Eels - Wrong About Bobby

OpenLagu Eels

Hole - N.e.r.d.s Lapdance

OpenLagu Hole

Animals - There Is A House In New Orleans

OpenLagu Animals

Incubus - Certain Accuracy

OpenLagu Incubus

James Taylor - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) Featuring Toots Theilemans

OpenLagu James Taylor

Addict - Teenange Angel

OpenLagu Addict

Nike Ardilla - Duri Terlindung

OpenLagu Nike Ardilla

The Promise Ring - Raspberry Rush

OpenLagu The Promise Ring

Annihilator - Imperiled Eyes

OpenLagu Annihilator

Donna Fargo - Rotten Little Song

OpenLagu Donna Fargo

Nine Inch Nails - I'm Afraid of Americans (V3)

OpenLagu Nine Inch Nails

Phish - Poor Heart

OpenLagu Phish

Switchfoot - Innocence Again

OpenLagu Switchfoot

Afterhours - Sui Giovani D'oggi Ci Scatarro Su

OpenLagu Afterhours

Bløf - Ze Is Er Niet

OpenLagu Bløf

Swollen Members - Horrified Nights

OpenLagu Swollen Members

3LW (Three Little Women) - Santa's Coming

OpenLagu 3LW (Three Little Women)

Diana Ross - Ease On Down The Road #1

OpenLagu Diana Ross

Joe Nichols - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

OpenLagu Joe Nichols

Linda Davis - Love Story In The Making

OpenLagu Linda Davis

John Mellencamp - The Great Midwest

OpenLagu John Mellencamp

Wayang Kulit Cenk - Katundung Ngada

OpenLagu Wayang Kulit Cenk

Black Bomb A - Get Out Da Bastards

OpenLagu Black Bomb A

Brantley Gilbert - If You Want A Bad Boy

OpenLagu Brantley Gilbert

50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition (Instrumental)

OpenLagu 50 Cent

Anthony Hamilton - Sista Big Bones

OpenLagu Anthony Hamilton

Madonna - I'm Going Bananas

OpenLagu Madonna

Endank Soekamti - Rambo

OpenLagu Endank Soekamti

Reba McEntire - I'll Be (Instrumental)

OpenLagu Reba McEntire

Machine Head - Negative Creep

OpenLagu Machine Head

Jacky Cheung - Yi Cien Ke Sang Xin Te Li You

OpenLagu Jacky Cheung

Bro - Suatu Saat Nanti

OpenLagu Bro

Against Me! - Eden Quest

OpenLagu Against Me!

Johnny Cash - Story of a Broken Heart [Undubbed]

OpenLagu Johnny Cash

Frente - Cuscatlan

OpenLagu Frente

Benny Mardones - From Your Heart

OpenLagu Benny Mardones

Louise - Shut Up & Kiss Me

OpenLagu Louise

Cinder - Fear Of God

OpenLagu Cinder

Backstreet Boys - Get Down (You're the One for Me) [Dezign Dub Radio Edit]

OpenLagu Backstreet Boys

Moonsorrow - Pakanajuhla

OpenLagu Moonsorrow

50 Cent - Talk About Me

OpenLagu 50 Cent

Lola Ray - The Way We Argue

OpenLagu Lola Ray

Kid Ink - Show Must Go On feat. Mgk And Math Allen

OpenLagu Kid Ink

LeAnn Rimes - Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance)

OpenLagu LeAnn Rimes

Led Zeppelin - Travelling Riverside Blues

OpenLagu Led Zeppelin

KLAATU - Blue Smoke


Smith & Mighty - Flash Of Joy

OpenLagu Smith & Mighty

Sam Smith - Drowning Shadows

OpenLagu Sam Smith

Anthony Williams - Seed Poem

OpenLagu Anthony Williams

Nat King Cole - Wild Is Love

OpenLagu Nat King Cole

Kelly Price - Her

OpenLagu Kelly Price

Fluke - Atom Bomb

OpenLagu Fluke

Michael Jackson - Black Or White

OpenLagu Michael Jackson

311 - From Chaos

OpenLagu 311

Danko Jones - Sugar Chocolate

OpenLagu Danko Jones

Pearl Jam - Thumbing My Way

OpenLagu Pearl Jam

Cokelat - Suara Kemenangan

OpenLagu Cokelat

Black Box Recorder - The Art Of Driving

OpenLagu Black Box Recorder

Kristin Hersh - Amica Montana

OpenLagu Kristin Hersh

Soraya - Need To Be Found

OpenLagu Soraya

Black Crowes - Sister Luck

OpenLagu Black Crowes

Cakra - Kamu Tahu

OpenLagu Cakra

Kiss - It Never Goes Away

OpenLagu Kiss

Excel Saga - Kazoku Kaigi

OpenLagu Excel Saga

Julio Iglesias - Gozar Lu Vida

OpenLagu Julio Iglesias

Immolation - After My Prayers

OpenLagu Immolation

Nine - Ova Confident (remix)

OpenLagu Nine

Jimmy Cliff - Ship Is Sailing

OpenLagu Jimmy Cliff

Stacie Orrico - Easy to Luv You

OpenLagu Stacie Orrico

Kelly Clarkson - Just Missed The Train (Vocal Version)

OpenLagu Kelly Clarkson

Celine Dion - In The Hand of a Magic Man

OpenLagu Celine Dion

Clay Walker - You Make It Look So Easy

OpenLagu Clay Walker

Sôber - El Umbral

OpenLagu Sôber

Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent [Enhanced Video]

OpenLagu Kelly Clarkson

Barenaked Ladies - Do They Know It's Christmas?

OpenLagu Barenaked Ladies

Anal Cunt - Greed Is Something That We Don't Need

OpenLagu Anal Cunt

Mark Knopfler - Daddy's Gone To Knoxville

OpenLagu Mark Knopfler

Britney Spears - The Answer (Bonus Track)

OpenLagu Britney Spears

Amel Larrieux - Infinite Possibilities

OpenLagu Amel Larrieux

50 Cent - Guess Who's Back

OpenLagu 50 Cent

The Hilltoppers - Poor Butterfly

OpenLagu The Hilltoppers

Bile - Compound Pressure

OpenLagu Bile

Carolyn Knox - Rainbow Boi

OpenLagu Carolyn Knox

Die andauml;rzte - Ein Sommer Nur Für Mich

OpenLagu Die andauml;rzte

Graveltrap - Drop Out

OpenLagu Graveltrap

Elbow - Don't Mix Your Drinks

OpenLagu Elbow

Eurythmics - Even The Bad Times (Were Good Times)

OpenLagu Eurythmics

Rush - One Little Victory

OpenLagu Rush

Robert Palmer - Sneakin Sally Through The Alley

OpenLagu Robert Palmer

Erie Suzan - Mabuk Duit

OpenLagu Erie Suzan

Katatonia - No Good Can Come Of This

OpenLagu Katatonia

Grateful Dead - Here Comes Sunshine

OpenLagu Grateful Dead

A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet In El Segundo

OpenLagu A Tribe Called Quest

Charice - Lost The Best Thing

OpenLagu Charice

Ronan Keating - Bring You Home

OpenLagu Ronan Keating

Beck - Rental Car

OpenLagu Beck

Ewan McGregor And Renée Zellweger - Here's To Love

OpenLagu Ewan McGregor And Renée Zellweger

Bryan White - That Good

OpenLagu Bryan White

Kamelot - Interlude Iv (dawn)

OpenLagu Kamelot

Autopsy - Ravenous Freaks

OpenLagu Autopsy

Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?

OpenLagu Nancy Sinatra

The Pretenders - Time The Avenger

OpenLagu The Pretenders

Montell Jordan - Time To Say Goodbye

OpenLagu Montell Jordan

Rupert Holmes - Pina Colada Song

OpenLagu Rupert Holmes

Jake Bugg - Messed Up Kids

OpenLagu Jake Bugg

Five For Fighting - Road To Heaven

OpenLagu Five For Fighting

Ella Fitzgerald - I've Gotta Be Me - Ella Fitzgerald

OpenLagu Ella Fitzgerald

Abyssos - Where Even Angels Fear To Tread

OpenLagu Abyssos

The Seekers - Ill Never Find Another You

OpenLagu The Seekers

Garbage - Get Bizzy with the Fizzy

OpenLagu Garbage

Saving Abel - A Loaded Gun

OpenLagu Saving Abel

New Uranium Kandy - American Kids

OpenLagu New Uranium Kandy

Baby Eat Crackers - Aloha Opa

OpenLagu Baby Eat Crackers

Enya - Triad: St. Patrick/Cú Chulainn/Oisin

OpenLagu Enya

America - Comin' Into Los Angeles

OpenLagu America

Ice Cube - Gangsta Fairytale 2

OpenLagu Ice Cube

Diana Ross F/ Marvin Gaye - My Mistake (Was To Love You)

OpenLagu Diana Ross F/ Marvin Gaye

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